Your Technical Partner for Planning & Developing Solar PV Systems

As Photovoltaic Consultants we support developers and project owners in planning solar PV and BIPV projects with maximized returns. Also for Home Owners.
Our passion is off-grid product development, including technical design, 3D modeling, component evaluation, prototyping, testing, O-series, business plan creation or evaluation.
Besides, our LEED Green Building Cx and CxA Engineers guide your through construction and operation, ensuring plants are built according to plan.

• We work worldwide
• We speak English, Portuguese and Dutch
• Assisted >100MW of solar PV projects
• Commissioned >10 LEED Green Buildings

We worked for:

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For Home Owners

  • 3D Modelling

  • Shadow Studies

  • Quotation Evaluation

  • Permit Evaluation

  • Commission Inspections

  • Glass PV Panels

  • Product Development

  • Construction Inspections

  • Invest in Solar

  • Fire Hazard Consulting

  • Phone Consult

Corporate & Government

  • Technical Feasibility Studies 

  • Financial Feasibility Studies

  • Design & Development

  • Construction Management

  • Due Diligence

  • Technical Inspections

  • BIPV consulting

  • On-roof

  • Poduct Development

  • Prototyping & Testing

  • LEED Commissioning

Utility & Power Plants

  • On-roof

  • Technical Inspections & Audits

  • Consulting on PV Investments

  • Advisory on System Design

  • Production Quality

  • Civil Engineering Inspections

  • Commissioning Inspections

  • Due Diligence

  • Trouble Shooting

  • Damage Assessment

  • Damage prevention

As an independent consultancy and inspection firm Photovoltaic Consulting is used to deal with confidential information and confidentiality agreements. This operating environment is independent of whether the source is a solar panel or component supplier, engineering consultancy, or internationally active project developer. Being professional and acting professionally means to us protecting and fully respecting the interests of our clients in any country or region under all conditions and possible circumstances.

Recent Projects & News

Featured in BBC NEWS

Featured in BBC NEWS

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In the Press



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Why Choose PV & LEED Experts from PhotovoltaicConsulting?

  • 12-year track record worldwide, for over 100MWp of ground-mounted, rooftop and building integrated solar PV
  • 8 new off-grid products developed, of which 1 nominated for European Aluminium Awards 2010
  • Many patents filed for customers
  • Independent, multidisciplinary team of engineers, technicians and researchers
  • We speak 3 languages and work worldwide, and all reports can be delivered in any language
  • Speciality is off-grid and out-of-the-box solar solutions
  • Our LEED Commissioning Authority and Enegineers have more than 7 years of experience and certificated more than 10 Green building, of which 2 LEED Platinum: Bank of Milan (Italy) and TNT Headquarters in The Netherlands.
  • Supportive network and strong external partnerships with leading suppliers and consultants
  • We admit small projects as well as large projects delivering many engineers per hour

Please check out our 12+ Years of Track Record in the Solar Industry


Or see our 20+ years history as LEED Green Building Commissioners