Photovoltaic Consulting is part of the Dutch Limited Company DVV Management en Advies B.V., located in The Netherlands, Europe, and we work worldwide.

We help clients build a reliable and sustainable solution

We support and guide our clients in developing and operating profitable solar PV energy installations – whether stand-alone (off-grid), hybrid, on-roof, ground-mounted, on vehicles or customised BIPV, and can help with advice, inspections, assessments, our contacts and extensive network in the solar industry.

Additionally, we help customers with an electricity problem. We are passionate about developing innovative and reliable solutions for electricity blackouts, back-up systems, alternative local circuits, off-grid locations and remote areas. Some examples we executed in the past:

>  Solar powered (off-grid) central irrigation system (pivot) with small diesel generator as back up. We guarantee 99% of electricity supply. Average payback time is 5 years with diesel prices of $1 per liter.
>  Solar canopy for electric golf carts: have the buggies drive autonomously in South-European countries.
>  Solar trailer-roof for the cooling units for international transport trucks: food products and flowers stay fresh – even when in traffic jams or when the driver has to rest
>  Security cams in remote areas can function effortlessly thanks to our solar power add-on.
>  Etc.

To that end, we develop – from the first concept to detailed design, prototyping and project management – the mechanical and electrical solution to very specific needs.

And last but not least, we provide solar consultancy and LEED commissioning engineers for corporate or governmental entities looking for green certification of their (future) buildings.

With a skilled team of experts in the fields of Solar Energy and Green Buildings, we strive to provide innovative and creative products, services and solutions to our clients. Our passion to surpass conventional ideas and strive for quality and custom solutions tailored to our customers needs is key.

We maximize our added value, wherever relevant, in productive co-operation with service partners that match our ambitions and standards.


Meet Our Partners

logo bos consultancy enterprisesBos Consultancy Enterprises provide products, services and solutions to the security market. As a Joint Venture we developed a Solar based fully stand alone camera system with built-in GSM modem used for covert operations. More information about the Solar add-on for security cams >


solarbox london logo

SolarBox London turns the iconic red telephone kiosks of London into solar-powered charging spots for smartphones. Free to the public and free charging.
Latest information on the SolarBox project >
Our input in the SolarBox project >


solarcar internationalSolarcar International supplies powerful solar BIPV rooftops/rooftop applications for existing types of electric golf carts. Contact us for a quotation at +31627303895



Meet Our CEO

Derrick van Voorst tot Voorst

Derrick van Voorst (B.Sc.Eng) is a Senior Professional and Manager in the Solar PV Industry, with extensive Project Management-, and Operations experience. You can call him on 001 650 388-9642 (US nr) or 0031.627.303.895 (NL Mobile) or mail him at
Derrick’s Linkedin >


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Featured in BBC NEWS

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