Our Photovoltaic Experts have a 12+ years track record in the Solar PV industry and have developed over 100 MWpeak in projects of different sizes around the globe. This experience enables them to provide advice at all levels – from technology evaluation to product analysis.

Specialization: Off-grid/hybrid solutions for remote areas/vehicles and BIPV (glass PV panels)

In recent years our solar team has advised on solar developments in Portugal, Spain, The Netherlands, Dubai and USA, and for clients including engineering companies, project developers, insurance companies and financial institutions.

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Homeowners Consultancy

PV has short payback times and is a great asset to your house
We can help you with independent advice or reviews, 3D modeling, shadow studies, evaluations, etc.
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Businesses & Institutions Consultancy

Energy independence through reliable solar systems
For small/medium businesses, large commercial enterprises, education institutions and construction companies we provide advice, feasibility studies, due diligence, evaluations, independent calculations, etc.
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Ensuring Quality Solar PV Systems
Engineering companies, project developers, insurance companies and financial institutions involved in utility scale power plants can benefit from our on-roof expertise, technical audits, consulting on PV investments and system design, etc.
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Product Development

Solutions for Electricity Problems
Electricity in remote areas, regular black-outs, electricity on moving vehicles, and much more is what our Photovoltaic Consultants love. Our R&D specialist has solved many electricity problems and designed various solar products.
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LEED Building Certification

Professional USGBC Services
Our LEED Green Building Commissioning Cx Engineers and Authority (CxA) can plan, lead, schedule and coordinate the commissioning team to implement the commissioning process according to LEED regulations. 20+ years experience!
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