Need an engineer to design your solar circuit? We have designed many, many solar concepts and innovations
Technical check on your new product? Our experts can get out bugs before you start investing in prototype
Outsource a photovoltaic off-grid product development? Stand-alone systems is our specialty! From 1W to 10+MW

Specialist eye for hire with knowledge of all stages of product development

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We have a long history of designing and developing out-of-the-box solutions for products with an off-grid electricity need. Check out our most beloved product development projects below:

solarbox london with solar panelSolarBox London: Public charge points for smartphones

> Design solar circuit
> Design interior 1st prototype
> Assembly 1st prototype
> Design & improvements 0-series

Info: We have bended a custom and flexible solar panel once more to the max and it operates completely off-grid. All year long, the Londoners can charge their smartphones in the SolarBoxes.
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The Solar Canony For Golf Cart

SolarCar: Solar powered roof tops for electric golf buggies

> Design solar circuit
> Design frame prototype & 0-series
> Assembly 32 prototypes
> Design round (!) solar panel BIPV for 0-series
> Design frame for 0-series
> Assembly 0-series in Quinta da Ria, Portugal
> Design & Assembly prototypes 4×4 buggies & other models


solar central irrigation systemSolar Pivots: 100% Off-grid solar powered central irrigation

> Design
> Calculations

Info: Our system guarantees 95% electricity supply throughout the year. System is designed according to solar hours and has back-up system generator. System also pumps up water, so can be installed in remote areas, as long there is water available.
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Solar City Truck

Power-roofs for trucks

> Design & assembly solar circuit
> For small electric trucks
> For refrigerated transport – solar system supplies electricity for cooling


Solar City Truck









Outsource your product development to us

The new product development (NPD) is the complete process of bringing a new product to market and we can help you with that, especially for solar photovoltaic and custom BIPV products. We can help:

> Evaluating the SWOT analysis
> Do related R&D
> Assess opportunity analysis
> Screening BOMs and components
> Perform technical feasibility study
> Prototyping, including assembling
> 3D mock-ups
> Beta testing
> Technical implementation
> 0-series improvements
> Finalize quality management system
> Alternative BOM’s
> Planning and monitoring

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