Looking for a new investment? Min. 10% interest per year. Guaranteed.
New funds for schools? 30+ years extra stream of income with solar panels on roof school

Independent solar photovoltaic expertise for B2B & non-profit

Energy independence through reliable solar systems

Solar is really a great investment & provider of (emergency) energy in case of blackouts

> Min. 10% yearly interest rate on your investment
> ROI between 5-10 years – while system last min 30 years
> Possible installation on roofs, such as warehouses, schools and office-buildings
> Glass-PV integration in the facade of buildings
> Logo integration in glass-pv facades
> Provide independency of electricity grid: reduces cost and great backup for blackouts
> Off-grid solutions for e.g. security camera’s, remote control rooms, dairy farms, telephone boxes or radio/cell phone towers


! You choose the best system for your needs

! You follow safety guidelines (structure strength calculations, installation safety switches)

! You use quality materials (longer life, less risks – e.g. flammable components)

! You provide maintenance (clean panels capture more solar ray)

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Commercial Services & Solutions

We provide independent solar consultancy and advice WORLDWIDE. Our comprehensive international client reference list includes many well-known original equipment suppliers, project developers, financial organisations and related solar industry names.

Summarised we offer the following consultancy services package:

> R&D support
> Feasibility studies
> Shadow studies
> Solar system calculations – standard, stand-alone & BIPV (solar-glass)
> Independent review of quotations
> Solar custom-made design projects
> Large scale solar park design, review and coordination
> On-roof building strength calculations and plan reviews
> Online project coordination (in the Cloud & Skype)
> PV integrated 3D design and calculation in electric vehicles – trucks, vans, campers, cars, carts, boats, etc
> All other solar expertise work that can be done at a desk

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