Grid-Connected? Get paid to generate your own clean energy with a system perfectly fit for you.
Our specialty is stand-alone solar systems. Let us help you design a system according to your needs.

Professional solar advice for home owners

Why go solar?

Thanks to government backed schemes, PV energy doesn’t just SAVE you money, it will EARN you money too

> EARN regular tax-free income guaranteed for 20 years
> Get free electricity from the sun and SAVE up to 50% on your energy bills
> Solar systems provide INDEPENDENCY during blackouts
> By selling solar energy to the grid, interest on the INVESTMENT is av. 10% for the next 30 years
> ROI is 5-8 years, depending on you localisation, while the system produces electricity for at least 30 years


! You choose the best system for your needs

! You follow safety guidelines (structure strength calculations, installation safety switches)

! You use quality materials (longer life, less risks – e.g. flammable components)

! You provide maintenance (clean panels capture more solar rays)

We can help design the perfect solar system for you

Download our FREE Solar Quotation Checklist > What to look for in solar quotations, including list of questions to ask the supplier and installer

Download our FREE Installation Checklist > What you’ll need to check during the installation of the solar system, including what you should ask

Each checklist is FREE can help you potentially save your house from burning to the ground, because poor quality components can get hot, melt, cause fire and the fire brigade will not extinguish the fire because you forgot to install a safety switch which causes the firemen to be electrocuted during hosing. READ MORE >

Our consultancy services for home owners

> Determine which system is best for you
> Whether a proposed system is fire-proof and according to your local safety guidelines
> With a independent review of solar quotations
> Design or assist/review design of solar circuits
> ROI and production quality calculations
> Solar 101 explanations by telephone, Skype or face-to-face
> Etc.


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